The HeeBeeGeeBees - Bored In The USA lyrics

I was born in North Carolina
I was born in New York and Korea
Bein' born three times over I can tell ya
screwed me up for a number of years

I was on highways
in Chevys and Levi's
and whoppers like Burger King
Steel plants and Memphis
and blonde girls, antennaes
are some of my favorite things
Dancing in the dark
Uganda Park
Makin' out in my Chevrolet
But when I begin
the police step in
And that's why I'm bored, bored in the USA

Now I've been pretty successful sure
but it don't amount to one hill of beans
I sold over ten million albums so far
But I still can't afford a new pair of jeans
I fell for a girl in Newark, New Jersey
in the back of a car that I bought her
And then we got married, and Cheryl got pregnant
but not necessarily in that order

Two three four five six beers please
Thank yuh

I've been mistreated
and I've been cheated
two times by my Chevrolet
And the guy on the sax
moves around behind my back
Where the hell did he learn to play?
I'm bored with being at work
Bored with being a jerk
Bored with having nothing to say
Bored with Alaska
Bored sick with Nebraska
To tell you the truth, I am bored with the USA
Heeeey heeeeey

Being president would be fun
But baby, I'm too bored to run