The Halo Benders - Lonesome Sundown lyrics

Black river flows so slowly there's no knowing its direction
Just as aimlessly I followed you acourtin your affection
As surely as it's flowin down
I'll hear that high lonesome sound
Another solitary sun west bound
Towards lonesome sundown
Lonesome sundown, lonesome sundown

Lonesome toil Lonesome task
Bring us comfort from the past ( doug: fro-om the past )
Stroll bold down the path quietly ( oooh )
So great what we don't have ( ooo h )
Sun shining reminding us

Of comfort from weather beaten hands
Sunset homesick silhouette
Against the rope burned west
Lonesome sundown, lonesome sundown

Feel no need to reason why the sun will rise and set
( doug : I won't believe that it's a claustrophobic countdown to oblivion )
Just as I (') burden are seen with no regret
( d: That's just too much )
Heading west out across the tracks
Then deep currents draw me back
Still waters can often hide the fact
Two hearts are crossed so deep
Lonesome sundown, lonesome sundown