The Gregory Brothers - Auto-Tune The News 3: Cuba. Afghan Friendship. 2-Party Woes. lyrics

I think this is an ignoramus statement
Umm, I was even a person who thought
You know what, power to Joe the Plumber at that point
Before he went around laying his pipe all over town
Well, Joe the Plumber is not invited
Anywhere around me
Does baby need a tissue? (Tissue)
Thinking about the time the plumber kissed you (kissed you)
Before you caught him creeping with the Shih Tzu (Shih Tzu)
As republicans, the party does seem to be in chaos
They need to change their attitude, (hey!) attitude (ho!)
Their attitude (hey!), attitude (ho!)
Ay, tells us what your homeys can do
To make a change
You know, they talk about personal freedoms
They have to believe in it, you know
We know!
To believe in it, you know
We know!
To believe in it, you know
We know, we know, we know you just got to believe
To believe in it, you know
We know!
To believe in it, you know
We know!
To believe! Lieve!
You saying Republicans on crack
Are you cozy with the Democrats?
I just don't think that either party
Right now offers a whole lot
You'll see some real change
From the 3rd party at my house
Poppin champagne, bacardi; gettin crunked out
Triple rhymin with Joe Biden
While we Imbibin Hennessy
Come on over--drinks on me, homey
We'll be friends with you
And BFF with you
Main Damies with you
And colleagues with you
I'll be in your crew
I'll be in yours, too
Jumpin rope with you
Playin Donkey Kong with you
Hatchin plans with you
Invade Tajikistan with you
We do not believe either Afghanistan or Pakistan
Can achieve lasting progress
Without the full participation of all of your citizens
Including women and girls
Having a barbecue
Grilling a goat with you
Grilling terrorists, too
Getting matching tattoos
The rights of women must be respected and protect
Picking flowers with you
Hot showers with you
Falling in love with you
Nude at the zoo
Making memories at the pottery wheel, rubbing clay on you all afternoon (oh!)
It would be one of the most dramatic
Foreign policy about faces ever
To what do you refer, shawtayee?
A bipartisan bill in Congress would end
The 47-year-old trade freeze with Cuba
Ojalá congreso le gusta esta
It has only spotty support so far
But President Obama's already taken some baby steps
Letting Cuban Americans visit family members
And send them money
But for most of us it's still a place that is
Strictly off limits
Not for this G
I just went there illegally
Speaking of which, will you buy drugs from me
On national TV?
Don't fret--the people think I'm joking
But guess what (what?)?
I've never joked in my life; ooh-wee, shawtayee
The trade embargo made sense a half century ago
That's 50 years
During the Cold War
Fidel Castro took sides with the enemy
But the Soviet Union is long gone
Long gone!
Dick Cheney. Rush Limbaugh or Colin Powell. Who's your damie?
Well, if I had to choose, uh
In terms of being a Republican I'd go with Rush Limbaugh
My take on it was Colin had already left the party
I don't think that actually happened
This is an awkward silence;
I guess I'll fill it with ad libs
Oh! Shawty! Yeah
Whoo! Aaaah
Now it's up to Fidel and Raúl Castro
Esos Castros locos. Cuidado
President Obama says he wants to see Democratic reforms
Particularly on human rights and free speech (Free soeech)
So congress will be looking for signs of change
After almost 50 years
Ay, that's half a century
U.S. policy will not reverse overnight
Relations remain chilly
But for the 1st time in generations
A thaw is possible
A thaw, but what sort of thaw?
What exactly is thawing?
Very, very, very, very
Very thin ice
Very thin ice, very thin ice, very thin ice
Very thin ice, very thin ice, very thin ice
Very thin ice, very thin ice, very thin ice
Very thin ice, very thin ice