The Great Spy Experiment - The Great Decay lyrics

Well you turn when I talk
Run when I walk
Rise when I fall
Burn when I shiver
Smile when I frown
Go when I come around
You twist when I shout
In when i'm out
There when I'm here
Why do I bother?
Laugh when i'm down
Whine when I make a sound

It's Sunday, it’s Monday
It’s bloody everyday
You got me wanting out the door
It’s something, no it’s nothing
Yeah it’s everything you believe
You know I've heard it all before


When I'm near you
When I need you
Yeah that’s when you’re furthest away
What would it take to make you stay?
There’s someone, there’s no one
Well it seems like everyone
Got to see you yesterday

Yeah it’s Sunday
No it’s Monday
Oh it’s everyday
You got me wanting out the door
Yeah it’s something
No it’s nothing
Well it’s everything
You know I’ve heard it all before
Oh yeah I’ve heard it all before