The Grand Astoria - To Whom It May Concern lyrics

I dedicate this song
With my heart open
Anthem of broken bones
Pain and the suffering
To whom it may concern
I wanna leave this place
I know the road is long
Feel free to make a step

Speaking of better world
Tales of good old days
Still far from understanding
Compassion is key for all games
I wanna die with you
Capture this moment of clarity
And on the dyers eve
Measure your dignity

Please shut the door
Don't let them in
They tortured our brothers and sisters
My mother..I have never seen
Don't try to hide
They feel that fear in your heart
But deep inside
They know that you are right

You better don't look back
Just keep moving to your goal
Don't try to be their friend
They won't understand
And you're a foe now
Just as a good example
Well..for all of them
In morality, sexuality, sensuality