The Gourishankar - Queer Forest lyrics

In that magic forest,
towering trees
Unexpectedly come forward
From the haze.

Off the earth, the roots
Spring out other roots,
Like the arms of dwellers
Of the burial vaults.

Under cover of
The blazing autumn leaves
Lonesome giants,
Trolls and lions used to live.

Here the sailors saw
The steps in golden sand
Left behind in the six-
Fingered human hand.

Only one day, they saw
In lurid thunder light
Cat-head woman
Softly stepped into the night.

And in bushes,
Pirate never enclaved,
Nor a hermit
Ever dug a little cave...

I imagined all
Of this by looking at
Braids of yours
Of fire-glow copperhead.

Looking at your
Ever changing greenish eyes,
They're akin to
Persian feverish turquoise.

When we are passed away in that forest,
We will set off our way...