The Good Life - Lovers Need Lawyers lyrics

I swear to speak the whole truth, nothing but the truth – oh, so help me God, I wasn't cheating on you. Yeah I've got a spotty record, but I've been renewed. If you can't believe me – then what's to believe? Once you lose the trust you lose sincerity. I'm sick and tired of acting sincere to your accusing eyes and ears.

Oh, lovers need lawyers; all that I'm screaming's being held against me. well, You're judge and jury, so hang me or take me for all I am worth – better or worse.

Yeah, I was drinking. Yeah, she was drinking too, and, yeah, we made a connection – we came from the same neighborhood. But, surely you can't charge me for that, that's merely fact –merely coincidence. So, there we were, outlasting the last call. We took a cab to Iowa for more alcohol.

Yeah, we crossed the river alone; I also went home alone.

Oh lovers need lawyers. We're talking in circles, but missing the meaning of the reason we're fighting: you just want to make the best me that you can. All I am – take me for all I am worth. Take me for all I am.

I could never take another's hand… it's to you I'm condemned.