The Fresh Beat Band - Let's Play lyrics

Boom boom
Yeah yeah
Boom boom
Yeah yeah

C'mon c'mon lets play
Music, the fresh beat way
Get the beat
Boom boom
And repeat
Boom boom
Oh c'mon let's play
Let the music carry you away
Perfect things
The perfect way
To kick off
The perfect day

The sun is always brighter
When there's music in the air
Step is always lighter
When you've got a song to share
Music makes your body sway and
Takes the blues away
Grooving helps you dance through life
So c'mon lets play
C'mon lets play

boom boom
yeah yeah
boom boom
yeah yeah
c'mon c'mon lets play
put some rhythm in your day
get the beat
boom boom
and repeat
boom boom
oh c'mon lets play
let the music carry you away
perfect things
the perfect way
to kick off
the perfect day

[repeat chorus]