The Flashbulb - Lucid Bass II lyrics

You have no desire to open your eyes

The muscles that control the movement of the eyelids are so relaxed that they feel like soft rubber bands strewn upon a table

Take that motherfucker

Take that motherfucker

I want you to use my records when you are wide awake.
I will explain why in just a moment.
These records are not meant to be used for entertainment purposes, nor are they designed to take the place of a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist.
People who are psychotic or who have extreme neurotic tendencies should not use these records.
We do not claim that these records will cure anyone from anything.
It is not the purpose of these records to be a substitute for your family physician.
These records are meant solely to be used for purposes of self-improvement.
These records, if used properly, can help you to be what you want to be.
I want you to enjoy this relaxation, just enjoy it.