The Finches - Nightswimming, AR lyrics

I will sneak you off of the back-porch
Let the grasses bend in our breeze
We'll parade our whistling wily ways
Lightning flies nobbling our knees
Behold the glow

So, am I living too late?
And wasn't this night a well rehearsed?
A set-verse that spoke of your face

And know the river won't wait
You say this, you say, oh
You say:
"I think that we oughta go nightswimming,"

This night fills me up
I'm a pocket
Water above, water below
Lift my arm, now leave it dangling
Watch, the land turns away from the harsh shore
I've read this before

So, am I living too late?
And wasn't this night, oh, set to verse
And well-rehearsed
And then set to song?
And have I waited too long?

Don't let our youth go to waste
Come on
Say that you wanna go, oh, nightswimming