The Filthy Youth - Le Soleil lyrics

If you are one for the local boozer
A mid week sneak upon life below the stairs
it's the 21st century
Everyone drinks and no one cares.
And the world is headed for a better place
No smoke in pubs and no disgrace
Sunglasses they hide my face
My eyes will tell the tale.

I take it back down when we were young
Your dad (indecipherable)
Taking all the fun
Can I have it back please?
Can I have it back please?

Oh who loves the sun?
Oh who loves the sun?
Well not everyone.

It pops its head up around the bend
And shakes your confidence.
Well we’ll work on that:
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Something for the drinkers,
Something for the smokers,
Something for the girls in the late night boker.
My red eye keeps me up.
Shorts and a chat now start me up
I met a girl from the wrong side of the bed
Kicks up a fuss and argues
More confusion if you've had a few
Can I have it back please?
I want it back please.

[Chorus Twice]

So what's a bright hot summer daze?
And if you want to hide away
With an umbrella
Keep your man darling
Keep your fella.
Keep my passion and trustworthy
Trust him if you'll have to you
Trust him with your money
The city never sleeps
And I'll earn my money
To earn my keep
Love and seep right through the gaps
Take me somewhere off the map
Can I have it back please?
Can I have it back?

[Chorus Twice]