The Feelers - Pretty Place lyrics

Backed up against the wall, nowhere left to turn
You said it was better to fall than feel the burn again
You said where's the winter, where's the cold outside
Forced to heal, but still broken on the inside

When there's nowhere left to turn, you may as well
just turn and watch the sun
Remember when you lost your mind,
remember when you turned the tide
Broke another mirror to save face
and who said life aint a pretty place

When you missed the call it was all you ever wanted
To hear her voice just one more time
Where's the heart ache, there's no love without the pain
All these memories come flooding back again

Lonely moments I was sitting here
I said all the words that made you disappear
One more moment, one more bleeding heart
Do you think I care?
Do you think I care?

Where's the heartache?
Cause there's no love without the pain
Who said life aint pretty?