The Fall Of Troy - Chapter II: A Strange Conversation lyrics

"the teeth in my mouth felt like knives,
I ate you it tasted so nice".
can I even believe my own eyes?
"and upon my horrendous insight,
I still feel that it was so right".
his face looks so strange in this light.

teeth split the skin,
with a little progress.
demons in my head
Are you going to kill them?
"can you feel them?"

I can see it so clear in his eyes,
it won't stop till he's taken my life.
"do you know this is your blood not wine?"
then the teeth in his mouth became knives.
am I dreaming or is this real life?
my life slips away with each bite.

let go!
I know, you're mine!!
let go!
I know, you're mine
for all of time!!!

"the metal in my skin digs deep!"