The Fair Sex - Nervous Jesus lyrics

You woke up and rose
In silence crisis on you
You turn white you recall
That slaughter you turn sideways
And turning your eyes you
See her body these eyes
Hurt your soul these eyes
Of dark were eyes so tragic
Crisis on you you're going
To rise and fall you're going
To rise and see your life
Falter no ways to endure that beauty
Crisis on your deepest thoughts and
Innermost lust cry water these
Eyes of dark were eyes
Elliptic and a graveyard
For you a tragedy to once
Have seen them a tortured smile
The shapes of disgrace will make
Us behave like a nervous jesus
You woke up and rose with silence
Corrupted by sexual desires still greater
Is that bad yearning for your gazing
At those eyes you admired
Your acting has brought
You disaster you'll be crying forever
More now you'll cry
Like salty rain