The Extraordinary Contraptions - No Waste lyrics

I don't have time to waste
So say what you've got to say
And you can say it to my face
Oh, let's not play these games
You say you spend your nights
Wrapped up in thoughts so tight
About your future bride
Hey man, everything's gonna be alright
(Yeah, right)

You can waste your time worrying
(About the things that go bump in the night)
You can take that false pride, and shove it
(Where the sun don't ever shine)

Now you feel philanthropic
But only if you profit
I don't think you've quite got it
To me, you are microscopic

You can believe your own lies
(That everything you do is right)
Oh but then there comes a time
When you pay!

So take your heads of state
Your proposition hate
Take off your clothes and wait
And I will show you why we were built this way

You can bide your time
(But I'm surely taking mine)
You can wait in line
While I taste the fruit