The Extraordinaires - The Arsonist lyrics

We noticed the door had been axed in
We followed black footprints that proved that every room was checked by firemen
And someone is sleeping in this town that knows exactly what went down
Because the arsonist was gone and never found
In the meantime the door was left unlocked
The thief grabbed things and walked, and made a
Fortune off the things he stole and hocked

Signs of fire and forced entry, missing boxes all but sent me to
The deepest hue of working class blues
Filing, pointing, and adjusting, downstairs neighbor, tell us one thing:
Why did you think I'd be the perfect target?

The pawn shop and its help reluctant staff needing coaxing, but
At last we found some missing things, but had to buy them back
They told us what the seller said and wore - we had details, but needed more
So they described our neighbor on the second floor
Confusion - we never would have known - to think we let him in our
Home - we played Duck Hunt™ and we let him use our phone