The Extraordinaires - Ribbons Of War Part I Annelies lyrics

Here's the tale I never lived to tell
This is my farewell

We met when I was just a girl and he asked me for my hand
I a pilot to the core and him a sailing man
Soaring high through cloudy skies, an aeronautic life
He was married to the sea where I would be his wife
He just couldn't share me with the sky and open air
I kissed him one last time as I tied ribbons in my hair

Ribbons of war and battle in my hair

High up in the clouds, I took the throttle in my grip
I held my breath and aimed my nose directly at his ship
My fuselage exploded and destroyed our tattered love
In life we were not meant to be, in death we are as one

In death we are as one, in the ashes of our love

Swingin' on that swingset and walking hand in hand
If only we had found a love and kept it on dry land
Every time we'd fight you'd try and act so big and tall
I hated laughing at you but you're not so tough at all

But now we're sinking...