The Extraordinaires - Remember The Plan lyrics

Talking into tin cans and watching for the signs
Tugging on a kite string that's tied to satellites
Hoping that you'll notice, way over on your side
I am pulling you a little closer with the line
That's tied to mine the thinnest thread unravels when you go out there

Typing 'till the tide changes, dotting all the I's
Sending out the envelopes and packages in twine
I've got nights and weekends, if you've got extra time

All those meteors we counted slowly fade with time
Unless we try to keep in mind two separate lives can intertwine

I'm standing right on the surface and I'm screaming out loud
I'll write you infinite verses and I'll send you the sounds
The sentiment isn't worthless unless you want out
A testament to the curses on both of our towns

We're good at getting caught up in the brotherly love and the Spanish moss
But when the bells are loud I hope you pick up this sound in your southern town

I'll always bring the book if you tell me in advance
I'll meet you in the middle every time I get the chance