The Expendables - Trying To Focus lyrics

I'm trying to focus
But i'm fallin asleep
the baggage on my eyelids is too
heavy to keep from fallin
Ramble on, on through the night
I've been driving
since a quater to three
I've seen the sun come up so mnay times
this week it's scary
Rollin on until the day

When i get off that open road
There's a pull within my bones
Like a ship bound by a rope
It won't let go, it won't let go
It won't let go, It won't let go

I've been run over
by the hangover truck
A drive-by shooting shot down
By twelve ounce eighty proff slugs
Embedded, in my head
The ache in my head
I've been smokin', sticks from a ditch
That midwest farmer's daughter
Is the one that's makin' me itch
In places, i'd never want an itch to be