The End Of Silence - Handle lyrics

So tell me if I rescue you
Would you respect life thats given back to you
You must start we have lots to do
And you must promise to succumb to me and do

Everything I tell you to do
Dont question me
Shut up and listen and grow for once
Dont burn this out

See you are lucky that I am here
Addiction problems dont compare to
Some of the problems out there
So let me take you and show you that

I can get you to see
The world as you did as a kid
Without the word addiction ever coming
Out of your mouth and you were free

When you cant handle what I am dealing
Then well know you are dead
Then well know you are dead
So dont burn out

Life is too short to jump out
There is much more to this life then
Then meet the eyes of a man

See I am twisted like the mind set of a man
Thats on drugs
Sedation is the bait set for a man
Thats on drugs
Its simple and sexy and sometimes unkind
And must admit the first hit
Can be somewhat sublime so
Proceed now with caution
Because the view from this train is
A reality based on the thoughts in your brain

I sense a white squall coming on