The Dreadnoughts - Black sea gale lyrics

Seven score and seven more
Were bound for Batumi
And hardly got away before
A tempest shook the sea

Posiedon sends
Mighty hordes
Lash the sails
Strain the cords
Sing it all away,
The black sea gale-oh

To the yoeman straight away
He answered with a grin
I know not where we're going to
But I sure know where we've been

Wind comes on
Shakes the sky
We press on
Faces high
Sing it all away,
The Black Sea Gale

Odessa, we sing so loud
We sing so proud
Amidst the howling wail
Odessa, your sons are lost
Their weary bodies tossed
And pitched up to the rail
Black Sea Gale

You can take Odessa men
And shake them to the bone
But songs they learned at mother's knee
Will always bring 'em home

Linden trees
Strain and bend
Storm is gone
Rise again