The Doppelgangaz - Barbiturates (2013)

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The Doppelgangaz - Barbiturates lyrics

Ddude, hop in the whip, prelude, the car hit to shit
Quick, pop six quaaludes and barbiturares
Yo hit the strip with illicit checks
Trying to flex, roll up on a trick to solicit sex
Fuck you know about sipping becks cloaked out
Genuflect with your goat mouth
Dismount up off the gods phallus, rap lord chalice
Callous acts in a palace out in Dallas
See baby here's the recap, on why he needs to pre-fap
To stop the ejac, when she tapped him on his kneecap
Sensitive spots, so he went to vent to his pops
Shocked, he didn't mention a lot, didn't want to
If shorty got the lemon then the soy is for the ponzu
Doppel needs bread and some cheese, but not fondu
Get your mind fondled on the horizontal
That's if you want to, just steer clear of the god's gondle, baby
[Matter ov Fact]
Ayo before we start, got to ask twice, all complainers halt
Blame got to learn to take advice with a grain of salt
Eat fish'n chips up in maine with malt vinegar
Then run up in the nearest chase just to drain vault
It's time for switching up your train of thought
Drink a carafe of E and J
Vow to never lead your staff astray
Your new goal, commit a gaffe a day
And keep the windows to your soul with the blinds down half the way
You've got to learn to stay caught up in a brash scam
Be the reason why all your neighbors be copping dash cams
Sacrifice for a year, eating mashed spam
So you have the necessary cash flow to smash yambs, fam
He knew a nigga named Kevin Moore
Looking to purchase his eleventh whore
Ayo he told him hit the pascha and when you get to heaven's door
Make plenty sure to stay away from the seventh floor