The Dirty Shame - The International Symbol For Radiation lyrics

I live in the city of industry
Near La Puente with my family
we live collectively
In a house with a tremendous view
of other houses just like ours
the people who live in them
and their cars

My mamma was a secretary
she worked for a major company
she died giving birth to me
and my sister Rosalie
My daddy works the twelve seven down at the factory
At night he sneaks into my room
to tar and feather me

I dream I'm not really there whenever it happens
I dream I'm off surveying my property
in Orange county
I dream I have an angel to watch over me
She looks like Pamela Anderson Lee
and she serenades me
And she has the international symbol
for radiation
Flashing in her eyeballs
crashing down like waterfalls
I never heed the warning
I'm always dead by morning
Bury me away in the Inland Empire