The Dirty Shame - My Love Is A Knife lyrics

You were my dirtiest dream
the way you made everything seem
more amazing than it was
I couldn't breath because I choked on the smoke from your fire
I got scared when we started to go higher
And you let me take your hand and lead you into the promised land
The economic disaster known as my life
My love is a knife
Cutting into your otherwise uneventful and happy life

Back in the days before there was electricity
and people lived amongst their own waste
I was a servant at your banquet of bitches
I begged at your heels for a taste
I captivated you with my flirtatious eyes
And so you took me to the church and baptized me again
We climbed the stairs and rang the bells at the steeple
You fed my hungry and you led my people
Out of Egypt and in to Los Angeles
My unworthiness is a poison
that you drink every time you start to believe that we were meant to be

Now I got a job makin' money all day
And we got a little place just off the Pasadena freeway
We got a microwave, a toaster, and a dog
And we drive electric cars to do our part to cut the smog
And all the while I wait for you to say goodbye
And this word is the rope that will hang me
These are the strangest of lives
and which should never have been
But it will always be