The Diplomats - Let's Go (2003)

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The Diplomats - Let's Go lyrics

[Marvin Gaye -- Sample]
I've been really trying baby
Trying to hold back these feelings for so long
And if you feel, like I feel baby
C'mon ohhhh, c'mon woo
Lets get it on

[Little Boy]
Let's Get It On Nigga
Aww man, lets get it on man
Santana you on ya own man
Hold the set down
We can get it on
Lets do it man
We got these bastards man, lets do it

Uh, you niggas dealin with a G from the block
Yeah its me from the block
Quick to tell a nigga, lets get it on
But I don't really like to beef on the block
That brings heat to the block
I got to eat on the block niggaYeah, you dealing with a pimp from the hood
Keep a chick from the hood
Quick to tell her, "Ay, lets get it on."Come on, lets go
I'm trying to do it so lets get it on
I'm one hell of a guy
Fly fella can fly
Like Scarface, one hell of a high. Shit
One hell of a ride that I drive
23's look like propellers on sideWho stuntin' like me?Who frontin' like me?Who did it? Who get it? Who done it like me?You‽
Who wishin'? Who frontin'? Who want it from me?You‽
Come get it, you want it, it's nothin' to meAnd you
Chumps already know how I feel
When it comes to the pump and the steel
It's like, lets get it on

You know what these wild boys toteTie em up with the cowboy ropesSo lets get it on
Hey ma, back that ass up
Looking back [I] almost crashed upSo lets get it on

Man you dudes can get it
Thats my word to the slant on my Houston fittedI send rockets at you dudes and midgets
Send cock up in you goose and pigeons
So lets get it on
I know you like that mama
I'll be right back mama
So lets get it on
Yeah, do you believe me?
Don't you believe me?
Won't you believe me?
Come, lets get it onOn any given Sunday or any given Monday
We headed up the runwayUptown, yeah we headed up a one-wayHer head is in my lap
So I let her do her one thingShe was Jamaican, so I fed her bread and dumplings
Veggie pads and rum cake
Told her, lets get it on
Said she's 18 and lived crazy just like me
Eighties baby just like meSo, lets get it on

Hey baby you know what your boy holds
All night, long pipe, long strokes:Lets get it on
Hey ma, roll with the winners
And I ain't talkin dinner
I'm like, lets get it on

Man I roll through, stroll through
Flag on the ride side of my whole crewScreaming, lets get it on
They'll get you, they'll twist you
They'll split your whole body in half, then dismiss youLike, lets get it on
But I'm lookin for a bad lil mama
Get mad like her papa, got an ass like her mama
Got her own, won't ask for a dollar
Go half on a scama and I laugh when I holla, lets get it on
Hey baby, the ride on this chrome
Just provide us with dome, so lets get it on
You must be used to me spendingHey ma if you give good brain, you'll get your dipset chainLights out, nothing to fight bout, got the pipe out, so lets get it on
(It's the only thing to do, I mean it's only right)