The Dingees - Workin' Man's Blues lyrics

The 1,2 beat it drives it rocks the radio
It lets me know I'm alive and there's some place to go
Hijack a van turn up the stereo
And don't cease to drive until I let you know
It's a 45 straight pace to Los Angeles
So sick of shruggin' and smilin' about the way it is
None of this scene left in me
In a flash I abandon all responsibility

It's time I left this town
You know how right it sounds
If I gotta stick around
We'll burn it to the ground

The one two beat it drives it rocks the radio
It's the same old line different scenario
To make a living doin' something we dream
Like giving tattoos in your bedroom
Now my head starts to scream
You know I can't spend today or the rest of my life
Pushin' buttons singing blues while drivin' home at night
What you got on our show why don't you get up and go
Don't cease to drive until I let ya know