The Del McCoury Band - Fire And The Flame lyrics

With a throw and a roll

It could take control

And gamble us away

Following the fool

We're sliding in the groove

And I expect that's

Where we'll stay


I'm telling you

It's not a game

Play with the fire

And you'll live with the flame

Hey now, there's nothing new

I'm damned if I don't

And I'm damned if I do

There's a road that you take

And there's the one

You leave alone

There's a view of the highway

In my happy home

I said that I love you

While I said goodbye

You can part and remember

With a smile or a sigh


Hard to be leavin'

Impossible to stay

The road that we took

Revealed the one

We have to take

You kneel in the sanctuary

And pray forever more

But when you fly from the cage

Don't forget to lock the door