The Deadly Gentlemen - I'm Coming Back lyrics

Every single day is so lonesome and long,
I drain with every grain of the sand of time,
I'd rather live in a mawky log,
At the bottom of the tunnel of an abandoned mine,
Than be in this city, braving the trundling of thunder,
And the lightning in the night without you,
I'm coming back,
I've been gone long but I never did doubt you.

All the nights are dark and the days are dire,
I'm ready to tread through red hot hell fire,
Travel by track or rickety flatboat,
Swim in a tarpit, wade through a ratmoat,
Do anything in the world I can do,
I'm aching I can't take it I'll be back and be true.

On the highway,
Kicking up dust and gravel and burning halvoline,
Trying to keep it together I'm dying I'm unraveling,
It's pitch black at the brink of the daybreak,
Every second I'm on the road it's harder to stay awake,
I haven't slept in days been down been up been reeling I'm all wrecked and crazed,
But I kick ass, people I pass all look up in amazement,
I'm keeping the pedal to metal until I lift off of the pavement.

I'm back on track, I'm running a day late,
I strayed and got waylaid,
The bright light of the night life,
Beckoned like a beacon I weakened ,
And went on a bender for the weekend,
Tripping, taking the pills while my love trouble,
Redoubled and deepened.

But now the night does blacken,
I'm coming to get you back,
And you can wake that fat man next to you,
Tell him to get out of bed and start packing.

Lately, I dream of love lasting and true.
I will make it back if that's the last thing I do.
I could stay in this city forever and ever and never be fine,
Living and knowing that you could never be mine,

I'm sick of the tick of the clock and I've grown lonely,
I'll be home in a moment and baby you'll own me,
Never to brave the trundling of thunder and lightning without you,
Oh, the good, the bad, the damage you do,
I'm aching I can't take it I'd be nothing without you.