The Damage Manual - Stateless (Delusional Mix) lyrics

You hide high speed out of engine greed,
And don't stop to look the world you bleed,
Cars carousel on an unmade bed,
Drive the point home after what you said.

Still life in an apocalypse,
Add some dirt to your endless list,
Force fed freedom defaced your will,
Adds an age to the time you kill.

This is you - stateless

Stateless, stateless
Candidates are waiting,
You can't open up
'Cause your hands are shaking,
Waste not, want not,
Images blurred,
Sugar coated bullet words.

Crime spread wide on an ill timed night,
Vanishing point after homicide,
Wait, bear arms out of threat or thrill,
Don't breathe around 'cos they scare you still.

Cold conviction for remembered threats,
Faded flames burn you with no regrets,
New exposure to an old disease,
Breaks the surface with a sense of need.

Decaying distance cuts the clock in two,
And sends the time back to remember you,
Graveyard name change, unconditioned spit,
Resolve recorded in a different light.

This is you - stateless inside