The Dada Weatherman - Marlene lyrics

oh marlene where have you been
since i left for the west
i see your face on everyone
two years away from the nest

the whisper of the new york wind
is calling me home
the sun's here all along
with the fear of melting on my feet

the sun's getting to the brain
local hoodies proved it to me
when asked what was the time
said it's only a space continuum

they thought that i was
insulting them in latin
their trapped consciousness
beat me up in the library

i can't even hear my heavy heart beat
got 2 dollars to get home
i read the book yea i'm off the hook
hitchhike through every turnpike

you gave me rendezvous all dressed in blue
rehearsing a shakespeare scene
rainy days were times of sorrow
but now it's lightened by your glow