The DC3 - The Quintessential Fuck-Off Art Explosion lyrics

The artist and his masterpiece
A Molotov of roaring motion
A widescreen Technicolor feast
The quintessential fuck-off art explosion

His agent called and said "First things first
Is getting a team of experts
Don't do it yourself, there's nothing worse
You saw what happened to Damien Hirst."

The quintessential fuck-off art explosion

Risk assessment manager
Search engine to market traffic
Benchmark expert raise the bar
They monetize social currencies
With singular technologies
To maximize efficiencies

The quintessential fuck-off art explosion

The business man took five years still, no sign of movement
? cycle of continuous improvement
So the agent called him to say
A buyer's coming straight away
So they finished it all in one day
And everybody had to have their say
The quintessential fuck-off art explosion turned out sort of...grey.

It was a painting about painting
That spoke of context with no context

So the PRT? was saying at the ? press conference
? the establishment
I went to some gent ? a million spent
The artist ended up in debt
But through it reached enlightenment
Now he works in middle management.