The DC3 - Don`t Legalise It lyrics

Pick some random plant and seed it
Knead it crush it flush it drain it
Liquefy it tumble-dry it
Bake it break it flake it strain it
Aim a flame under the strain
Breathe it til you cry
You'll have diarrhea for a week
But you never know, you might get high

Proof that mankind has evolved
It's not the catch it's in the chase
The mental rigor used to solve
Some new way to get off your face

Don't legalise it
How can we fulfill our need
Don't legalise it
For pointless ingenuity
Don't legalise it
Just make it every day
Don't legalise it
You'll take away its whole cachet

All aboard for Obvious Town
Next stop after boy meets girl
Here's the place for everyone
Who thinks they're being original
From Melbourne Grammar trust fund wankers
To Hunter S and Lou Reed
Everybody's gone there
And now I'm ashamed that includes me

Legalise it and you take away the inspiration
From every self-proclaimed artist with no imagination

Don't legalise it
Where would be the fun
Don't legalise it
How else would we all shock our mums
Don't legalise it
Wow the whole idea's humbug
Don't legalise it
What? Are you on drugs?