The Cool Kids - Summer Jam (feat. Maxine Ashley) (2011)

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The Cool Kids - Summer Jam (feat. Maxine Ashley) lyrics

[Hook - Maxine Ashley]
In the Summertime
I can feel it and I barely breathe
In the Summertime
Nothing matters we just keep on rolling, rolling
It's the Summertime
Picnic with you and me
It's the Summertime
This is how Summertime should be

[Verse 1 - Chuck]
Two goin' at once
Fresh out the shower in her towel rolling up
I'm in the kitchen cooking lunch, finna stunt
Chopping onions stirring sauces whipping up
Bar-B-Q'ing barracudas at resorts in Bermuda
She trying on that new bathing suit that she bought
At the mall in the mirror like, (for your eyes only)
Ay flash me real quick baby don't front on me
Do a little dance while I iron my shorts
I'm getting ready and we ready to work, work, work it, work
Now iron my shirt she want to hit the waves so we hop in that boat


[Verse 2 - Mikey]
Lets get wild, reconcile with your freaky side
You say its been a while and your thinking bout bringing it out
I peeped your style bottom of them cheeks peaking out of that bikini bottom
Seen em and then I got 'em
You with your best friend but you call her your wifey
And y'all both gorgeous rocking the saks 5th short set
And y'all do everything together B-F-F
We just met now its us three, it must be fate
And I got a lot on my plate
But I can make some time for you if you wanna escape
Its OK by the poolside is where we should lay
You gotta lose your inhibition and get carried away