The Constructus Corporation - V lyrics

We won before we begun
If you want you can come get some

Force-field on, metatron one
Disarming bombs with very calm palms
Come to make everyone strong, the microphone vigilante
Coming off like my bitch?s panties
Agile, wild anti-personal shit gets deployed
Destroying unholy Babylonian hell-spells
Light storm freaks the void as his royal illness kills it
God-like humanoid life-forms feel the realness
Keep your distance, mind your own business
Metatron sling electric slang like a discus
Divine mind unwinding illicit misfit
Surging on the verge of merging dirty disses
Soft, sticky kisses ? spitting vicious viscous
Golden delicious, incredible tasting genitals gushing
Naked, sacred ? vulnerable I take it
Make it my weakness, worship your sweetness
Lust over the shit I bust, vagina-grinder
Rocking wild and crazy, gates locked, baby nothing can faze me
Hush ? the silence is dead lush
Ultra-violet head-rush

Future-state, time and space fold in half
Metatron rock mic like golden calf
The erratic, fanatic magic mathematic addict
Fully automated, sparking manic satanic panic
Violent sirens, defiant tyrants, glorious, victorious hymn-writers
Lounging in the abode of warriors
Bazooka nuker rocking, sylph like apparition
Painting pretty pictures, no more lack of vision
Wrapping rhymes round heads like bicycle chains laced with thunder-bolts
Blossoming like some strange kind of wonderful
With dangerous changelessness like hypo-static union
My son, you don?t wanna fuck with the one
Hoodoo can?t attach itself to the light
I tie my boots up tight and walk through the night
Under a full moon
Listening to the old man sing

Feel it with your mind
Let it touch your soul
V ? I ? C
V ? I ? C
V ? I ? C ? T ? O ? R ? Y
Victory victory is our cry ?