The Comsat Angels - I Know That Feeling lyrics

I know that feeling
Just now it crossed my mind
There could be something more to this
Than you've said so far
Though you're careful what you say
It's seems to me a different voice is calling
It's hard to read between the lines
Subtle hint and signs that i'm sure I saw and
If i'm not exactly right at least I know the language you are talking
Give it a name but don't colour it blue
Don't waste time trying to give it a meaning
There's no need to explain cos I think I can tell
I know that feeling, I know that feeling so well
Looking right into your eyes I see something there thats familiar
Something that I won't describe not until I get to know you better
I won't force your hand or make you do anything
That you don't want to but as we've come this far tonight
It would be a shame to go no further