The Clockwork Dolls - The Ballad Of Black Jack Jezebel lyrics

The Ballad of Black Jack Jezebel
By The Clockwork Dolls

They called her 'Black Jack Jezebel',
The Mistress of the Game,
And every border town could tell
The story of her fame.

A long, black coat with two quick guns
And endless luck with cards.
Until one game destroyed her run
The blow, it hit her hard.

She lost her cool that fateful night
And bet all on a bust.
She'd put her faith in an oversight:
A man she could not trust

He took her heart and took her crown,
Her reputation lost.
She vowed that night to hunt him down
No matter what the cost.

She booked her passage on a ship
To search throughout the skies.
Her anger spurred her on that trip
To kill him for his lies.

The Dame de Fer saw every town
From Maine to Frisco Bay.
But still she could not hunt him down.
Elusive was her prey.

Until one night in Saskatoon
She found him in a bar.
And when he saw her brown eyes flare
He knew he'd not get far.

She bought him down with at single shot,
She brought him to the floor.
He knew right then that he'd been caught.
She'd settled up the score.

"Well, my girl," he wheezed at last
"I've led this merry chase.
But I didn't think we'd end so fast
And in this frozen place.

"Miss Jezebel, I loved you then
And swear I love you still.
Just take me in your arms again;
I swear I always will."

She held her tongue and watched him die;
He bled out on the floor.
The man she'd chased 'cross every sky
Was quickly no more.

"I curse the day I saw your face
Or every heard your name!
I curse the land, the sky, this place
As witness to my shame!"

That was the last they ever heard
Of Black Jack Jezebel
They couldn't care where she'd gone to:
To heaven or to hell.

But windy nights with chilly air
Bring voices on the breeze.
And gambling men most everywhere
Might fall down to their knees.

And pray a devil does not come
To play with them at cards.
For Black Jack Jezie's brand of fun
Will put them all on guard.

If she wins, or so they tell,
She'll only take your purse
But if you beat that dark-eyed girl
Your life's forever cursed.