The Chasm - Our Time Will Come... lyrics

Do you hear clearly the whispers of the moon, and remember the days of majesty and glory? Our mighty destiny now is only dust, for our dreams that now are lost, this cry is the beginning of my war. To look deep within in search of the beast, if we meet our pride to fight again (with) the secrets of ancient feeling and metal, to Kill those who dare to offend... I'll wait alone in storms of darkness, as I sing hymns of victory and death, embracing the extasis of pain and destruction, devouring the souls of all those fools... Rage in mind, body, and soul. (to set my spirit all free) from the dawn of time I've build, this path of force and pride... Man must reach his highest, we create our own destiny, believe that hate is eternal and life is a short Lie.... Our time will Come.