The Celibate Rifles - Salute lyrics

To every animal who eats or shoots his own kind
And every hunter with rifles mounted in pickup trucks
And every private marksman or minuteman with telescopic sight
And every redneck in boots with dogs
& sawed-off shotguns
And every Peace Officer with dogs
trained to track & kill
And every plainclothes-man or undercover agent
with shoulderholster full of death
And every servant of the people gunning down people
or shooting-to-kill fleeing felons
And every Guardia Civil in any country guarding civilians
with handcuffs & carbines
And every border guard at no matter what Check Point Charley
on no matter which side of which Berlin Wall
Bamboo or Tortilla curtain
And every elite statetrooper highwaypatrolman in custom-tailored ridingpants
& plastic crash helmet
& shoestring necktie & sixshooter in silver-studded holster
And every prowlcar with riotguns & sirens and every riot-tank
with mace & teargas
And every crackpilot with rockets & napalm underwing
And every skypilot blessing bombers at takeoff
And any State Department of any superstate selling guns
to both sides
And every Nationalist of no matter what Nation in no matter
what world Black Brown or White
who kills for his Nation
And every prophet or poet with gun or shiv and any enforcer
of spiritual enlightenment with force and any
enforcer of the power of any state with Power

And to any and all who kill & kill & kill & kill for Peace
I raise my middle finger
in the only proper salute.