The Casting Out - The Kids Have Spoken? lyrics

What happened to the youth today
same thing that happened yesterday and every year before
starts out rebellious and divine ends up as fashion wasting time
oh why oh why are we surprised by anything
is there life beyond the way it’s always been
time out I just want to scream

all we meant to say won’t matter anyway
throw it all away
all we meant to do could fill this god damn room
the kids have spoken they ain’t saying nothing new

your attitude is counterfeit your hair looks great who gives a shit
but let’s not start to lie
it’s always been here always will
let’s do what’s right and how we feel and work to build
what made us great can still incite
play from our hearts as the trends are born and die
if not now then when we’re out of time

bring back the soul we were gonna resist but then we got old
I feel so tired
have we said enough have we said too much