The Cars - Too Late lyrics

I could dream about
Things that never end:
Wishes on a star
Something round the bend.
I remember times
Things were pretty clear
I felt the pressure pulse
Threw away the fears...

I believe in you
On your salty side,
And I would never jump
Your never-ending ride.
My feet are on the ground
I'm maybe lost and found
Not much weighin' tip [?]
But never jumped that ship.

[Refrain 1]
I'm never gonna get that crazy,
I'm never gonna be shot down:
You know it takes a lot to phase me
Whenever you're around,

[Refrain 2]
And you say
It's too late,
All the storms in life you've got to contemplate,
And you say
It's too late,
When the morning's right you gotta celebrate, yeah yeah.

Well, you may cross the line
Or suck the clementine,
But I know for sure
I need you nevermore.
There's dreamers on the fringe,
There's lovers on the binge.
Nobody really knows:
That's just the way it goes.

[Refrain 1]
[Refrain 2]

Well I could take a fall,
Or hang it on the wall
No matter what you think
I'm always on the brink.
But you can throw a twist
And I can move like this
They give you lots of slack,
Then something pulls you back.

[Refrain 1]
[Refrain 2]
...Ah yeah yeah.