The Buttress - Pilgrims By The Millions (2013)

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The Buttress - Pilgrims By The Millions lyrics

Buttress got pilgrims by the millions
Recruitin' em while ya losin' em
On my way to Jerusalem

[Verse 1]
No shade or oasis (I can't take this)
So take this (BREATHE)
Can't face this rap game Moses
So He spoke to us through pillars of fire
Showed us what He wrote us
Called us the hosts of wicked desire
And in rage I called the Most High a liar
Fuck that noise, I'm the Messiah
Defended our race, our human nature
And through the vapor I became the Creator
Cause Buttress sit with judges, - the rudest
Droppin heads like Judith
I'm surrounded by crudeness
Ya'll some savages, traitors
Throwin' kisses like Judas
I hate ya'll Philistines
I'm mean, you're thick
Hit stones with a stick for water, til I come
The Buttress, the daughter of no one
And if you think I got a conscience, you're wrong
I don't own one
Miracle committin' lyrical homicide
The prophesied sacrificial lamb
I'm the Savior, Son of Man
And your behavior ain't gonna earn you no hand at my right side
So continue to hide as I abide

[Hook x2]
Buttress got pilgrims by the millions
Recruitin' em while ya losin' em
On my way to Jerusalem

[Verse 2]
He spoke to me -
Said, "Bethany, go down to Gethsemane"
What he said made the breath in me froze
Instantly old - Methusaleh
"Father, let this cup pass me -
I can't do what you ask me
I refuse and you're abusin' the truths that we told"
And with those musings turned to gold
Transfigured in the vineyard
Thoughts inward, descended, chose to roam
Retreated to Eden, where I've been
Eatin' locust, smokin' dope and quietly focusin
Cause I know I was sent to deliver ya'll from Nineveh
But ya'll chose to dissent, and now ya' sins is unforgivable
Crossed Goshen, took boats on the ocean with pilgrims
Transposin' they poems of devotion
Gettin' praise for days as I'm showin' 'em my ways
Then faster than the rapture
Reign plaque and disaster for days
(but blessed be the meek)
Nah, don't need 'em
Dogs lickin' up they blood from the streets
We destroyin' the weak
Slayin' beats for the people, not evil
What I speak
Turn the wackness into sackcloth and ashes
They wanna call me hateful but I'm callin 'em ungrateful