The Busters - Is This The Way lyrics

Remember when you came up to me and said
"Now Baby,
It's the way it's got to be!"
You gave me that smile
It made me wild and you said "Baby,
We're still young as a child!"

Time keeps running out.
I wanna shout.
I wanna move right out of this crime,
Crime of my life.
I wanna find
Another piece of mind.

Is this the way to say
That you don't love me,
Now it's gone today?
S this the way to say
That it's all over,
Now it's gone, gone away?

I turned around and started to cry and you said "Baby,
Now it's time to say goodbye".
It hurt so much,
It felt so bad, this strike of misery,
Now it's making me so sad!

Time keeps running out. ...