The Brunettes - Mars Loves Venus lyrics

Hey hey honey throat, got a song for this one
A sad love song kicks my arse every time
Yeah well I know this pretty girl
She works my small town blues full time
Dulce dulce country boy, find a secret place
Where we can walk and talk about stuff
Walk - we should run but such is life
Under this burning sun

In a small town
South of the border
Where men are men
And women need a sense of humour

Mars loves Venus
Venus loves Mars
But where does that leave
All the other planets and stars
Well don't you worry about them
I'm sure it's not that hard to find a solar friend
Dulce dulce country girl
Please don't hide behind your mother's
Inexpensive skirts
Well I'll try so don't be a stranger
Even though daddy tells me
"Stay away from that loser"

And Mars loves Venus
Venus loves Mars