The Brotherhood Of Dae Han - Walter Fitter lyrics

What is this new twist?
The lighting has left things unseen
But actions bring them to surface
And they speak louder than words

Have I bitten the poison apple
Or am I just Sleeping Beauty?
There's a mirror on the wall
But it doesn't recognize your face
It doesn't recognize your face

Will this be the final curtain call
Or should I leave after all?
Leave me here
(You will) never leave me here
(Love me) not!

You're so perfect
Look now, a blemish has surfaced
(Of your) suspicious disaster
With me, the stories rewritten
(One more) body bag fitted

What's behind your eyes
Lurking inside
Are you happy now?
Tearing me down
(One, two, three, four) reasons no more
(Four, three, two, one) walk out my door
You need to learn
You will never learn

It's over
And we're both better off
This fairytale's over
So, don't be what you're not

Tightrope walking on this blade's left a cut
And you've been bled of color
Is that what you want?
To be another faceless soul
Lost in my black-and-white world
No! Close the curtain...!