The Broadways - It Was Pancho Villa lyrics

Remember famous last words someone famous said
"Tell them I said something, don't let it end like this"
On a reupholstered leather couch or a cloud of TV, smoke and cigarettes
Or a mattress on a hardwood floor and an old acoustic

Missing stringed guitar
Playing the same stupid punk rock song
We've been at the end all along

Bathrobe in the mail from a long time ago's lost friend
And a note that waited ten years to tell me to remember him
He said it's been too long since we had a day together in New York
Absence is as long as life is short

In the first chapter of the best book I ever read in my life
It says "To be reborn, first you have to die"
Hey, would it be alright if I used your couch to get too drunk tonight?
I spent so many days chasing my skies away

So I could keep my sights squarely on the ground
Reincarnation's killing me