The Brand New Heavies - Need Some More lyrics

I been singing on your radio
And then you'll see me on your video
Cos here we are
I know some people come and go
But we're here to stay
And we're gonna rock your show
We're souls promoting music from the heart
We've been keeping it real from the start
Love's almost gone
From the industry where we belong
But your appreciation keeps us strong

Oh, we're so hungry for music
Food for the soul should be our goal
Cos we're so hungry for something

I need some more
Do du do more
Do du do
Give me some more
Do du do more
Come on baby won't you play?

Don't be manipulated by industry
Telling you how music's supposed to be
Cos it's a game plyed by those who love celebrity
And that's not what music supposed to be
Al Green, Sam Cook and Donnie Hathaway
Try finding stations where these songs are played
Did we forget to see variety is still the spice
That brightens up even your dullest life?

See this here this collaboration
Is a Heavies and Russo situation
So listen up y'all who fail to introduce
The uh talent that we can produce