The Boyz - I Can't Live Without Your Love lyrics

( Mike Michaels, MM Dollar, Mark Tabak, T-Soul, Salvatore )
Now i'm sittin' here alone
Try to get you on the phone
But just so far away ( far away )
From my heart
Memories are on my mind
Girl i need you by my side
Just so far away... ( far away )
From my heart
I will never freak your phone
Your smile is like a shining star
Girl i wanna get close to you
I can't live without your love
When i'm down
You make me high..
I'm trying can strong
I'm waiting so long
To hold you in my arms
Can't you see that i love you
To night....
Girl i'm still in love with you
And i don'y know what to do
When i think of you...( think of you... )
Feel the pain
Every day i'm waitin' for
Lovely kiss from you nothing more
I want you here to stay...( here to stay...)
My life...
Every day i'm waitin' for
Lovely kiss than nothing more
My love is true
All i want is you...