The Boyz - Get Out Of M Y Dreams lyrics

CHORUS: Get out of my dreams
Come and get into my world
Get out of my dreams
Come and step into my world
Come into my world

RAP:I wanna be your pancake, if you think I´m superstious I got three wishes. Gimme real kisses I mean hot kisses straight from sahara, Delicious with a smile on your face. Oh, ma, Madonna touch your body up and down it´s a fantasy reminiscn baby dreams camon rock with me, I just wanna make you sexy if you know what I mean. I´ll be your sunshine you can be my chocolate-ice-cream.

BRIDGE: You know it´s true, girl don´t be cruel
Come and step into my world
Girl I love you and all I do
I´m waiting forever
Till the end of time



RAP 2: I wish to be a king rich rich like Ali Baba
Buy you the pearls and stuff from gabbana
Now I´ve got to say something cuet to you
You´re looking better than Kate Moss no matter
What you do I am the hot player all the Ladies
Coming close to me
I got the magical fingertips that make you scream.
You see my widescreen TV´s gonna make you hot
Sexy scenes Director´s cut