The Boy Illinois - Merci Merci (2013)

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The Boy Illinois - Merci Merci lyrics

Merci, Merci

[Verse: The Boy Illinois]
I'm on my way to Houston, Whitney rest in peace
All black like the omen I'll trade you for these sheep
And I preach this daily so I know they gon hate me
Or on other words I'm Haitian 2Pac baby
From Cite Soleil make sure my admission 'ok'
And I was out in the burbs that why I got to the city so late
But aye, I'm on my way though I told you that in part 4
They act like they want it but they don't want no parts though
I'm with a clique of henchmen best in our division
Tryna save the world one impossible mission
Half of us we don't listen the other half acting like they leaders really bitches
I'm wishing you would get it
Now I'm all up in my feelings Tryna make these millions
Make the best of my position and then it back to sinnin'
(Laugh)sinnin' you can only say I'm win in' if you under the suspicion that I practice a religion
From there everything is just moral based
I'm that rose from the concrete in a floral vase
When Leopold colonize the Congo
They wish they had a campaign that went viral
Pray my soul to keep in lalibela
I'm working for world peace go holla at metta
All gold got a nigga going to his roots
But we born in a trap what the fuck is we gon do
Looking like my mama but acting like my fatha
I was glad he was always there when I got up
But most of this shit a set up welcome to Gotham
I got a liter of liquor to tell the leader my problems
I'm dressed in the finest complaining about traffic
I'm above the rim but potholes be sure to find him
And ummm I'm looking at these gross numbers
Try a figure how we can do it the whole summer
We about major paper then I switch the subject like I changed my major
Start talking bout some other shit like how they try to rape is and how the prisons enslave us
We don't want a revolution it come with a pay cut
So I'll take two of everything I just bought a ark I am so Joakim
I'm on my way and I hope I'm not to late
In that down to earth whip with the tectonic plates
To my unborn child I hope you find your way
Cause they might try and kill me as I drive away
I know the timing was wrong but I had a lot to say
The ones who started the drug war swiftly got away
I wonder if we got our way
And if Garvey lived long enough could we have got away
I do this for the crib and the home where I was made
24 hours for the owner the thief gets everyday
A matyr dead, a holiday
He say he say