The Blue Aeroplanes - What It Is lyrics

Watch these hands
Watch what they're doing
What is it?

They float around the neck like nervous birds
They circle the waist like sly torpedoes
Then they hike into the interior
You know how it is

You can be your enemy
Turn to sideways figure of eight
Oh we've each got our positions in this exchange of views
This oratory, this debate
You know, I think one of us should drink the other to tears

Well alcohol it composes to water
You know there's not much to it
The last part was nothing less than the same as the first

Your dark eyes, your blue eyes
Your dark eyes, your blue eyes

Oh memory's a house under rain
The morning was bright
I met your train
A haze of perception brought buildings closer and sounds from further away
I watched a kiss on private ground
And a phone box demolished by mistake

Just watch it explode

Yeah I know, I know, I know
He doesn't want you to speak
He's not sure if he even wants you to breathe
And if he says you're not gonna last a week without him
It's only what he wants you to believe

These lovers
You ask them to go, they won't come back
You ask them to stay, they won't go away

The morning was evening, train was a bus, it was dull, dull, dull

You've got something to tell me?

I can taste it
I can taste it
I know what it is